Where Do Robins Go In The Rain?



Where do the robins go in the rain,
And the wrens and the chickadees?
Do they tuck their bird bodies under a limb,
And their tiny heads under some leaves?

And when the wind blows, does anyone know,
How they hang on to the trees with their toes?
And what keeps them from falling down to the ground,
When they weigh more than the air that flows?


And what about night, when they leave our sight,
Where do they go to retire?
They don't sleep in the houses that we've built for them,
Nor seem to have any desire.

And another thing, how do they know,
What time to arise in the mornings?
They always get up and chirp at the sun,
But who rings their bells - gives them warnings?


How do they know what size nest they will need,
When they set them up in the spring?
How many babies will therein fit in?
So how many twigs should they bring?

And I'd like to know, too, how Pigeons coo?
And how other birds warble or trill?
Each song is distinctive for each kind of bird,
Such as the Owl and the Whippoorwill.


Who teaches the birds the dangers of cats?
How do they hear when one's near?
Not all cats wear bells - and not only that,
Have you ever seen a bird's ear?

What wondrous features boast these little creatures,
And, on top of all else, they can fly,
Now, wasn't God fine to make so many kinds,
And hang them all up in the sky?

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
Copyright 2000


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