Pamper him, Mother, when he comes home,
Hold him and cradle himlike once he had known.
Let his poor tired brow be rubbed and be stroked,
Let your strong mother hands now lift off his yoke.
Welcome him, Mother, it has been many years,
He needs youagain to quiet his fears.
You patiently waited for your beautiful son,
You ached for him, Mother, and now he has come.
You were his "best girl," he oftenso stated,
He, your "best boy," you so designated.
You carried him, Mother, while yet a young lady,
Now many years later,he still is your baby.
His hands may be gnarled; his hair may be gray,
But he's a child to his mother, even today.
His struggle at last is now laid to rest,
Hug him, dear Mother, to the heart he knows best.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000

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Original music from Margi Harrell
Used With Permission