Santa had a pet reindeer named Wally,
Who had become quite melancholy,
He'd grown tired of the snow,
And the thirty below,
And the mistletoe and the holly.
He longed to go South, where it's hot,
He said to himself, "Well, why not?
I'm cold and I'm blue,
My igloo is, too,
I want to be a hot Hottentot."
Santa hated to see him depart,
And he knew down deep in his heart,
He must prevent Wally,
From committing this folly,
He's so young, kinda' dumb, not too smart!
Then Santa, who was quite inventive,
Thought Wally might need some incentive,
Could his life be enhanced,
With a little romance?
Would that be departure preventive?
So Santa found a dear deer dubbed Dolly,
That he thought would be perfect for Wally,
Well, she did ring his bell,
'Cuz Wally instantly fell,
Which reversed his old melancholy!
The two were married that Spring,
And flew South on a honeymoon fling,
But, wouldn't you know.
They missed the ice and the snow,
And the holly and Christmas-like things.
So they went back at once to their home,
And vowed never again would they roam,
Santa was almost as pleased,
As a pair of bee's knees,
So, no one had a thing to bemoan!
They led the next Christmas Eve flight,
Which made a magnificent sight,
I swear I heard them declare,
As they flew through the air,
By Virginia Ginny Ellis
copyright 2000

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