How do I tell you of Tina and George?
I'm not sure where to begin,
When they first left their home in Africa,
Or when they first learned life was grim.

They came to this country on the very same ship,
But they did not meet at the time,
Neither aware the other was there,
They met further on, down the line.

One night Georgie heard Tina crying,
His tether, ample for reaching her cage,
He looked down with a frown, as he said,
"You shouldn't cry - you should rage."

Tina looked up to sweet Georgie's face,
And I mean - looked up - really high,
For giraffes from Africa grow very tall,
And Georgie reached near to the sky.

Tina purred softly at Georgie's kind words,
The first she had heard at the zoo,
He bent his neck down, almost to the ground,
Said, "I'm sorry, little tiger, you're blue."

"I hate this place. I want to go home,
I want to go back to my jungle,"
Big tiger tears rolled down Tina's jowls,
Hardly a growl could she rumble.

"I know, little sister," Georgie gently consoled,
As his neck bowed far down to speak,
"I, too, miss my trees with their luscious leaves,
How I wish I were home and could eat.

"Then you know how I feel," purred Tina some more,
"Oh yes," said Georgie, "I hear."
Again bending low, way down below,
He tenderly nuzzled her ear.

A true love grew for the unlikely pair,
That no one would ever have guessed,
A dependence and closeness so very rare,
By angels, it surely was blest.

Georgie spent many nights near dear Tina's cage,
Bending and talking to her,
It was not very long 'til Georgie's straight neck,
Developed a permanent curve.

And Tina, whose love had grown stronger, too,
Purred softly each night to her George,
And, as fate would dictate, with the passage of time,
Tina forgot how to roar.

Now a giraffe whose neck curves,
and a tiger who purrs,
Are not of much use to a zoo.
So a request was made for the animal's aid
To bid them a fond toodle-oo.

Just as expected, the money collected,
Was enough for two tickets - One Way!
Georgie and Tina left the arena,
And went back to the jungle to stay.

A few nights in their jungle was all that it took,
For Tina to get back her wild roar,
And shortly thereafter, midst tears and laughter,
Georgie's straight neck was restored.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000


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