Well Here It'tis What You Have Been Waiting For, Another From The Dueling Poets!

I thought a thought the other day,
The thought I thought just went astray,
I sought my thought,
And grew distraught,
That the thought I thought had got away.
I knew, of course, it would come back,
It always does, though I do lose track,
About Four A.M.
I'd think it again,
That's When I think less about thought lack.

And if my thought returned by then,
I'd want to call and tell a friend,
But no friend that's home,
Would pick up the phone,
So by morning it would be gone again.
I know who wrote this - "Old Whazzername,"
Who won't admit it; she's so ashamed,
Her name rhymes with Ninny,
Do you s'pose that's Ginny?
Oh dear, now she's forgotten her name.

by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

I found a thought the other day,
It wasn't mine I have to say.
Didn't come from my own thinker,
Probably planted by some stinker,
Trying to blow my mind away.

Then suddenly that thought was gone,
It may have returned so it could it spawn.
To another zone,
Away from my own,
For I never track thoughts after dawn.

Everyone please hang onto your thought,
So I only think thoughts that I ought.
My capacity has a limit,
And my brain tries to dim it,
I don't need stray thoughts that I've caught.

written by: Bill er aaa Bob or Ted uhh Jerry,
Hmmmmmm, oh I

by Chick Velasco

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