Sometimes I'm overcome with doubt,
When I try to read God's Book.
I must be very dense, I guess,
For I look, and look, and look.

I read His Book most every day,
A lot of it's not clear.
I re-read many passages,
I staunchly persevere.

Some days I think I see the Light,
Other days, I'm not so sure.
But, often when I turn a page,
I find words that reassure.

Now, God, please send Your guiding hand,
I truly want to know.
Why do I sometimes miss the point,
Am I just dull and slow?

Or is my mind so cluttered up,
With useless, worldly things.
That there's no room for godly words,
And the benefits they bring?

Let me find a place alone,
Just for You, Your Book, and me.
Then let my eyes be humble tools,
With which Your words to see.
Teach me how to concentrate,
How to shut the whole world out.
Help Your word be clear to me,
Make the time I spend devout.

Because there's many parables,
Let me have time to think.
Please slow me down and quiet me,
To make Your thoughts distinct.

Please help me, God, to understand,
You know my every need.
I pray to do the best I can,
Please bless me, as I read.

By Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000

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