Noah was a man of God,
Who lived many years ago,
He did his tasks, just as God asked,
And he truly loved God so.
His neighbors were an evil lot,
They were wicked and corrupt,
They were so bad they made God mad,
So He finally gave them up.
The only man worth saving,
Was the man who'd honored Him,
Just Noah and his fam'ly,
For the rest - harsh discipline.
So God bade Noah build a ship,
Of huge, tremendous size,
To hold two of ev'ry animal,
That on the earth resides.
Thus Noah built a great, big ark,
In the middle of the plains,
The people jeered and laughed at him,
Until one day it rained.
Per God's instructions then,
Noah brought creatures to the ark,
By the pair he brought them there,
From zebras to aardvarks.
There were lions, snakes, and waterfowls,
Camels and woodchucks,
Two by two, he led them through,
Be they chickens, geese, or ducks.
He got elephants and walruses,
And sheep, and dogs, and cats,
Of course, his wife was most disturbed,
When he added ants and gnats.
The rain became more heavy,
'Til it flooded all the land,
It covered ev'ry growing thing,
As far as eyes could scan.
The people who had laughed before,
Now expressed remorse and fear,
As one by one, they were undone,
And 'neath the water disappeared.
For forty days and forty nights,
It rained without an end,
Then suddenly the raindrops stopped,
And the land grew dry again.
The world was fresh and clean once more,
Evil men were washed away,
And Noah freed God's creatures,
And sent them on their way.
God then made a declaration,
And a promise to all men,
Sworn on a rainbow in the sky,
He'd not flood earth again.
Then man made promises to God,
That he would now behave,
That he would respect and honor Him,
And give Him worthy praise.
Will man keep his vow to God?
Will God keep His oath to man?
God knows I have more faith in Him,
And why I do, He understands.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000


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