The other night I could not sleep,
So many worries in my head,
I got up to stretch my legs,
Thought, I'll take a walk instead.

I put the leash on my small dog,
And we went out the door,
Perhaps the cool night air, I thought,
Would keep me from fretting more.

We walked around the neighborhood,
The houses were all black,
I somehow felt adventuresome,
Though on familiar track.

Down one street and up another,
We slowly made our way,
My little dog stayed close to me,
Made no attempt to stray.

I felt some apprehension,
It was very dark that night,
There was just a quarter moon,
Which didn't give much light.

Suddenly approaching us,
A single form came down the street,
I clutched my keys within my hand,
And my heart did skip a beat.

An older man came towards us,
As he neared, he doffed his hat,
"Evening Ma'am," he said to me,
And he gave the dog a pat.

His soft voice and demeanor,
Soothed the qualms inside my head,
I wondered, though, why he was out,
Instead of home in bed.

"It is a lovely, balmy night,"
He spoke and eased my fear,
"Mind if I walk along with you?
It would please me so, my dear."

", that's fine," I said,
"But we are heading home."
"That's okay," he answered,
"You won't have to walk alone."

With that, his shoulders straightened up,
He squared them best he could,
He started taking firmer steps,
I could tell that he felt good.

Inwardly, I smiled,
I could not help but be aware,
Of a change in his whole attitude,
With his new protective air.

And, then he started talking,
He chattered on and on,
Told me all about his life,
And his wife, who had gone on.

One moment, tears were falling,
The next, he'd give a laugh,
We were having such a good time,
As we moved on down the path.

I forgot my cares and worries,
I got so involved with my new friend,
I really liked to hear him talk,
I almost wished he'd never end.

A few more steps, there was my house,
My gait began to slow,
I did not want to silence him,
He'd helped me forget my woes.

"Oh dear," he said; his voice dropped,
"I guess we've reached your door."
"Yes," I replied, "You may come in,
If you would like to chat some more."

"Oh no," he hesitated,
"But I think you're very kind,
Now, I've seen you safely home,
Perhaps another time."

"Thank you," he added sweetly,
As he turned to go away,
It was so nice talking to you,
You really made my day."

"Wait," I said, "Let me thank you,"
I put my hand upon his sleeve,
"You helped me forget my cares,
You made my worries leave."

Then I watched him walk away,
He seemed diffused with light,
"Thank you, God," I said aloud,
"For my Angel from the night."

And, as the old man turned to go,
He also said a prayer,
"I thank you, Lord," he bowed his head,
"For my Angel I found there.

We don't know how or why,
Angel's are sent to us,
But we are truly blest,
That God's so generous!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 1999 ~ Revised 2004

Thank you, Helena, for the above appropriate picture. I love it.
Please click on the picture to see more of her lovely, original artwork.


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