I awoke this morning,
And sunshine bathed my face.
What a way to start my day,
In the warmth of God's embrace!
As I drank my morning coffee,
And had my morning prayer,
I looked around my cozy room,
And saw God everywhere.
From the flowers on the window sill,
To the pictures on the wall,
The books upon the table top,
The cat playing with her ball.
Overwhelmed with gratitude,
My prayers of thanks were said,
Then, I tried to make my plans,
For the day that lay ahead.
I need to do some laundry,
I guess some ironing, too,
Neither one's a favorite chore,
But they're things that I must do.
I ought to get the vacuum out,
And clean the rugs and the floors,
Dust the tables and chairs,
And the moldings 'round the doors.
Am I to spend this wondrous day,
Doing humdrum tasks like those?
I wonder what would happen,
If I just turned up my nose.
If I ran out the open door,
And climbed up the nearest tree,
And rubbed my cheek against its leaves,
What would become of me?
What if I knelt upon the ground,
To be closer to God's flowers?
Isn't that a worthwhile way,
To use my valued hours?

Or, I could hike a mountain trail,
And climb a craggy peak,
Eat berries from a wild bush,
And drink from an alpine creek.
Or, I could choose an ocean site,
And run along the shore,
And bathe myself in ocean waves.
How could I ask for more?
So, as I sat there in my quandary,
Drinking coffee from my cup,
I was torn between my choices,
Do my chores - or - live it up?
I bowed my head to seek advice,
"Dear Lord, what shall I do?"
I swear I heard a heavenly laugh,
Then, I received His counsel, too.
"You're blessed with many gifts, my child,
Amongst these is a mind,
For goodness sake, apply it now,
And your answer you will find."
With much chagrin, I thought, how wise,
I got His implication,
I'm glad that He reminded me,
To accept my obligation.
Some decisions I must make,
Though God remains my guide,
But from accountability,
I have no right to hide.
I finished up my coffee,
Smiled and looked around,
"Thank you, God," I said aloud,
My solution I have found.

by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis

Copyright 1999

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