"My Front Window"

What a nice apartment,
What a cozy nest,
I love my big front window,
Where the sun shines in the best.

I sit there early mornings,
Being toasted by its rays,
I drink my coffee, read my paper,
What a way to start the day.

On those mornings when it's raining,
My body gets a chill,
But, as I watch the raindrops falling,
My heart with warmth is filled.

The chair I've placed there is a rocker,
No other chair will do,
I feel like a Rockwell painting,
My cat fits the picture, too.

From where I sit, I see a tree,
In the spring, it blossoms whole,
The birds fly in for nesting,
Which is fodder for my soul.

Sometimes the sky is vibrant blue,
With whipped-cream clouds on high,
Their shapes suggest all sorts of things,
Ahoy!   Noah's ark just floated by.

Other times the sky is dark,
It is frightening to see,
Yet I am drawn to the window,
As angry clouds look in on me.

The wind can blow most mercilessly,
Spreading leaves and twigs and limbs,
Being unattached, they freely dance,
And I pirouette with them.

Along the ground, a squirrel runs,
As if upon a mission,
Sometimes it stops and looks at me,
I wave; it leaves my vision.

I laugh at chipmunks looking in,
Or birds warbling on the sill,
I smile and whisper greetings,
I've learned I must be still.

My doorbell now is ringing,
Oh, let it ring some more,
The movers are here early,
Let them wait outside my door.

Why hurry my departure?
I won't come this way again,
All I seek is one last peek,
And then I'll let them in.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2001

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