Another One From The Dueling Poets They Are Back!

I sent an E-mail into space,
It disappeared without a trace.

I wondered where my E-mail went,
So, I called my ISP to vent.

They asked me if it was hyper-text?
"No," I said, "But I'm hyper-vexed."

Suppose it was sent overseas?
It may have gone to the Chinese.

Did a German grab its tail?
"Guten Morgen! Sie gott mail!"

Did I type the address wrong?
Was it ... or

Since my mail did not arrive,
Do you suppose it's still alive?

Is it fighting for a place,
On the Avenue of Space?

I shot a thought into the air,
It fell to earth, I knew not where,
For who knows the Internet so well,
That they can fathom the flight of E-mail?
Virginia Ellis
Copyright 1999


As I was plodding down the trail,

I stumbled upon this stray E-mail.


I knew not from where it came,

So I could not return to same.


I added verses to the song,

And sent that E-mail right along.


I sent it into cyber space,

Again it left without a trace.


And now I sit alone and ponder,

Who found that E-mail way out yonder.


Can they read my hasty scrawl,

Or can they even read at all.


Will they think I've lost my mind,

Or will they marvel at their find.


I really hope that they will see,

They need to set that E-mail free.


Maybe add a verse or two,

Then send that E-mail right on through.

By Chick Velasco
Copyright 1999

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