I know that Judgment Time is coming,
It could happen any day.
So what I want to know, God,
Is about the penalties I'll pay.

My Salvation has been settled,
And I thank you, God, for that.
But what about the things I've done,
After that established fact?

How do we settle up, Lord?
How do you rate each sin?
How many white lies in a "whopper?"
How much gossip is let in?

Do you measure with a yard stick,
Or weigh sins upon a scale?
Pour them out in pints or quarts?
Are they ever put "on sale?"

Could I trade two "unforgiven's."
For four "I told you so's,"
Or maybe some "I'm busy's."
For a bunch of "Sorry - no's?

How do you rate "I'm tired's,
Or "Maybe later, friend's?"
How do you count not giving hugs,
Or lack of true amends?

Perhaps I've bragged a little,
Been some complacent, too.
But in your evaluation, God,
Are those acts worth review?

I've done no major crimes, Lord,
I never stole or killed.
The petty, minor things I've done,
Have never caused me guilt.

So, why am I uneasy, God,
To meet you on Judgment Day?
Aren't my sins so little,
That they'll just fade away?

Then God, in all His wisdom,
Just shook His mighty head.
"You can't bargain with me, child,"
Were the very words He said.

"I know the thoughts you've stored away,
I'm aware of your commissions.
And, my poor, misguided child.
I know, too, of your omissions.

"When I'm ready for you,
And your time is come.
I'll give you my tender care,
Just as I did my Son.

"I do possess eternal love,
For all souls I have fashioned.
And you have truly, justly earned,
My most profound compassion."

by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000

Picture Of graphic by Danny Hahlbohm
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