I think I saw an Angel,
In my house last night.
She was sitting in my bedroom,
When I turned off the light.
She was elegantly simple,
In a gown of golden mesh.
Which glittered in the moonlight,
That shone upon her dress.
Soft, golden threaded wings,
Fluttered 'round her haloed head.
I could barely see them move,
As I looked out from my bed.
Oh, so tiny - so petite,
Was I sure that she was there?
I took another little peek,
And saw her perched upon my chair.
For a moment I was frightened,
Yet, I felt assurance, too.
I wanted then to pick her up,
But my body would not move.
"Is she my Angel, God?" I asked,
"Of course she is," He said.
"And in the dark of night,
She is always by your bed.
"In the daylight hours,
She often perches on an ear.
Everyone has Angels,
And they are always near."
So I lay quite still and watched her,
As she fluttered 'round the place.
Soon she came up on my pillow,
And I swear she brushed my face.
Then, as I watched, she disappeared,
She completely left my sight.
I lay there just an instant,
Then turned on my bedroom light.
I looked into my dresser mirror,
And on the cheek that she had brushed.
Was the tiny imprint of a kiss,
That felt warm when I touched.
Then I looked about the room,
And what did my eye behold.
But there upon my pillow case,
Was a tiny thread of gold.

by Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 1999




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