Let me tell you the story
Of the sweet Jesus Christ,
Who brought heaven to earth,
One cold winter night.

As planned by His Father,
A long time ago,
In the form of a babe,
He came down below.

His divine mission
Unknown at the time,
Was later revealed,
When God was inclined.

The day the sweet Lord
Was nailed to that cross,
Was the day that God showed,
Mankind was not lost.

By the Son's grief and pain,
Man could be forgiven,
And God gave to man,
A vision of heaven.

But thick in his thinking,
And blind in his heart,
Man missed the Lord's meaning,
And remained in the dark.

Thus, each year at Christmas,
The tale is retold,
And man is reminded,
Of Jesus Christ's role.

Access to heaven,
God's gift to man,
God's Christmas Present,
The Start of His Plan!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2001 ~ 2006

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