When you were just a tiny kitten,
You revealed a strange addiction.
You took things that weren't nailed down,
Things, since then, I've never found.

You could not read; you could not write,
Still my glasses you did swipe.
You stole my clips; you stole my pen,
My desk won't be the same again.

With the joy you got in tripping me,
You took away my dignity,
Then, as the thief you had become,
You stole my equilibrium.

People's socks come by the pair,
Why take one and leave one there?
And earrings, also, come by two's,
How come I've only one to use.

Where do you stash the stuff you take?
I've looked until my poor head aches,
I fear that now, my little cat,
You are a kleptomanikat.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2001 ~ 2007

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