A woman of talent, a woman of thought,
A woman of charm and good taste,
Independent and private.
Observant and quiet,
A woman of natural grace.

A woman of truth; a woman of honor,
Firm in her beliefs and convictions,
Courageous and brave.
Though sometimes afraid,
Seeks no favors nor dispensations.

A woman of subtle humor and wit,
Is pleased to hear words of good cheer,
Approves of gentle jesting.
Finds debasement distressing,
In such case, just turns a deaf ear.

A woman of kindness, a woman of care,
Whose heart is as big as outdoors,
Can love with a passion.
Can bleed with compassion,
Shows respect and love for the Lord.

A friend I trust and entrust with my soul,
A friend of no age and no race,
As I am, she accepts me.
Seeks no cause to reject me,
A friend, I've been given by grace.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000

Painting by
Paula Vaughan Gallery:

Background by
Amelia Anne

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