It's important in this life of ours,
That we all learn how to laugh.
God knows that life is tough enough,
With much sadness on its path.

But God has placed some humor,
Into most situations.
And to find where He has put it,
Is a human obligation.

Don't misinterpret this advice,
Don't be a Pollyanna.
You cannot laugh right off the bat,
If you slip on a banana.

First you need to check you out,
To make sure your bones are whole,
Then sit right there and laugh at you,
What a silly, clumsy soul.

But s'pose you really broke a bone,
That is, of course, not funny.
Well, draw smiley faces on your cast,
And make them bright and sunny.

If major tragedy occurs,
Take care of first things first.
Then heave a sigh; say, "Thank You, God,
It could have been much worse."

Then put a smile on your face,
You managed to survive.
Maybe not the way you wanted,
But, at least, you're still alive.

"Laugh, and the world laughs with you,
Cry, and you cry alone,"
Laughing is contagious,
Let your infection be full-blown.

Lemonade is made from lemons,
Silver linings, found in clouds.
Pets abound in want-ads,
And good friends come from crowds.

Giggles come from tickle spots,
(They're really very funny.)
And smiles come from loving hearts,
And laughter comes from tummies.

Life can be hard, my friend, indeed,
Don't let it get you down,
Better, a dummy with a smile be.
Than a wise man with a frown.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000 ~ Revised 2004

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