What a marvelous place this world is,
Such magnificence this old globe holds,
Imagine how pleased God must have been,
When its beauty began to unfold.
The sky, the sun, the stars, the moon,
The waves, the seas, the leaves, the trees,
The rain, the snow, the warmth, the cold,
The air we breath, the wind, the breeze.
To see, to hear, to smell, to touch,
God's creations everywhere,
Oh, such awe on a child's face,
When he first becomes aware.
His eyes light up; his hands reach out,
Unconsciously, he grins
He laughs and giggles, squirms and wiggles,
All things are pleasing him.
Suppose he spots a darting squirrel,
That cocks its head, as it makes its way,
When he looks at it, the child smiles,
He's made a furry friend this day.
A bird, perhaps, now sits at rest,
In a tree that the child can see,
When the bird trills, the child is thrilled,
So entranced with its song is he.
Curious, too, he peers up high,
He spots the small bird on a limb,
Ah!  What a sight!  A pure delight!
And the bird's song is just for him!
How special the signs of wonderment,
On the face of an innocent child,
How sad that grown-ups outgrow,
The things that once made them smile.
Too busy, it seems, to stop and see,
The miracles all around them.
They've lost the power to look about,
And see what beauty surrounds them.
So perceive and believe, as a child,
Who beholds all things, as if new,
Who looks in awe, with OOH'S and AAH'S,
As he applauds each God-given view.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2007

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