The woman and the holy man
Were a world apart on earth,
But when they entered heaven,
They were of equal worth.
The woman's send-off from the world
Was quiet, simple, and sedate,
His send-off was auspicious,
And of elegant estate.
Yet, the same angels came to get them,
To lead them home that day,
And they ascended into heaven,
In precisely the same way.
Regardless of their rank or station,
God loved them both the same,
Love beamed upon His face,
As He called them both by name.
Oh, so different, though so alike,
Both suffering for years on end,
Thus, God's first act of love, it seemed,
 Was to take their pain and help them mend.
No ... that was His second act,
His first ... to see them safely home,
And greet them with a warm embrace,
When He met them at His throne.
He gave the woman abundant health,
To go with her radiant smile
Then he gave her golden words to say,
For she had not spoken in awhile.
He gifted to the holy man
Another body, a straighter spine,
He made him steady as a rock,
And allowed his face to shine.
Then they were seated side by side,
At Jesus Christ's right hand,
The awesome, humble woman,
And the humble, awesome man.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
ŠApril 2005

Written with respect, love, and admiration for
Terri Schiavo 1963 ~ 2005 and Pope John Paul II 1920 ~ 2005

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