Made of hand-picked rocks and stones,
Rustic, quaint, and charming,
Sometimes entwined with unkempt vines,
Enchantingly disarming.
No plan, no mold, no pattern,
Each singularly built,
Brick by brick and block by block,
Much like a crazy-quilt.

A wishing well - a magic place,
Touched by joy and sorrow,
Dream-sharer of the world,
With visions of the morrow.
For lovers, loners, losers, victors,
Men or women - aged or young,
Peaceful, angered - happy, saddened,
Fit for everyone.

For childish whims or hearts' desires,
Romantic notions stirred,
A wish a minute - a wish an hour,
Troubles gone or blurred.
Toss a copper coin in,
Indulge in fantasy,
A penny a wish - a penny a dream,
But imagination's free.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002