The Reverend Mister Hugyby Jones
Had a wife called Missus Hugby,
And when he died, she wailed and cried,
"Cuz he's not here to hug me."
She went through the normal grieving,
Wore black and did not laugh,
But no one knew how blue she was,
Or how much she missed her better-half.
As a 'widder' she grew bitter,
And complained about her life,
All she ever wished she said
Was to be Mister Hugby's wife.
She grumbled all day long and night,
She deeply missed her hubby,
And folks soon started calling her
The Widder Missus Grumpy.
The Reverend Mister Hugby Jones
Observed his wife from Paradise,
Her attitude, he thought, was rude,
And her heart seemed cold as ice.
So Hugby fluffed his angel wings,
And stretched them out wide, too,
Then flew non-stop, direct to earth
To see what he could do.
He found his Missus Hugby
In tears, wishing she were dead,
So Hugby wrapped his wings around her,
And hugged her good instead.
"Have you forgotten how to hug?"
He questioned Missus Hugby,
"Yes, I guess I have," she said,
"There's no one here to hug me."
"Silly girl!" the Reverend said,
"You've got to reach out first,
First, you hug - then, folks hug back,
And that's the way it works."
The next morning Missus Hugby
Awoke with a smile on her face,
First she hugged her cat, who scratched,
But her dog enjoyed her embrace.
Next she hugged the paper boy,
Saw her neighbors; hugged them twice,
The mail man also was hugged once,
And the cleaning lady, thrice.
As the day went on, she went downtown,
And hugged everyone she passed,
And everybody hugged her back,
Even though she had not asked.
She hugged waitresses and waiters,
And hugged big cops, who were polite,
She hugged sales girls and cute box boys,
Anyone who caught her sight.
All week long she hugged folks,
They hugged her back and smiled,
She felt the love so very much
 Again her life became worthwhile.
The Reverend Mister Hugby Jones
Was quite right, you know,
First you hug; then you're hugged back,
And that's the way it goes.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2003
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I still do not know the souce of this music, but if anyone can tell me, I would love to give the proper credit.