The little boy bowed his head,
"God Bless Everyone," he said,
"Mommy and Daddy and Santa Claus,"
Then off he went to the Land of Nod.
But instead of sleeping through the night,
The lad woke up with an awful fright,
He dreamed Santa Claus had disappeared,
And Christmas would not come this year.
He was gone and left no clue,
Golly, what would people do?
The kids, he s'posed, would hurt a lot,
But grown ups, too, might get distraught.
Everyone loves Santa Claus,
And thinks of him with ooh's and aah's,
They love his fancy, bright red  suit,
And love his shiny, polished boots.
But think ... Christmas without Santa Claus,
Who else could do what that man does?
Who could replace that dear, sweet man?
There's no one else in this whole land.
Who'd find the finest Christmas tree,
And set it up for all to see?
Who'd put the angel at its top,
And fix it so it would not drop?
Who'd hang the lights and sparkly things?
And go, "Ho HO HO!" when sleigh bells ring?
Who'd drive the reindeer through the snow,
And cheer up all the world's woes?
Who'd paint the stripes on candy canes,
And set up boy's toy trains?
Who'd bring the dolls with golden curls,
As gifts for pretty little girls?
On Christmas Eve, who'd bring the gifts,
For which so long the kids had wished?
Who'd tie them up with silver bows?
Who'd do all this, do you suppose?

The lad turned and tossed and slept no more,
Then his Mom came through his bedroom door.
She saw his distress and hugged him tight,
Saying, "There, there, honey.  It's all right."
She kissed his tears and dried his eyes,
(Mamas are so very wise.)
"Honey, you've just had an awful dream,"
But things aren't as bad as what they seem."
She said, "Santa Claus has gone nowhere,
He's alive and living right in there,"
She pointed to his heart and head,
"He'll always be in there," she said.
While he wasn't sure of what he'd heard,
He believed his Mother's ev'ry word,
So from then on, each Christmas Eve.
He knew he only had to believe.
It's hard to explain to little kids
Exactly where that fat man lives,
But Mom was right, when she said," In here,
And once inside, he'll not disappear!"
~ ~ ~
That little boy now is grown,
And he has children of his own,
And, as a Dad, he tells them, too,
"Santa is alive in you."
"He's in your mind and in your heart,
And never, ever will depart,
You'll see him ev'ry Christmas Eve,
All you need to do is believe!"
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2004 ~ 2007