Easter Greetings




I am perplexed, and I am vexed,
Because I wish I knew,
If Doggies bark and Cats meow,
Just what do Bunnies do?
Roosters crow from rooftops,
Chickies cluck from on the ground,
Little Lambs go, "Baa - Baa - Baa,"
But how do Bunnies sound?
Donkeys bray and say, "Hee Haw,"
Ducks and Geese go, "Quack - Quack - Quack."
And I've heard Horses "Whin-n-ny," too,
But how do Bunnies answer back?

Lions in the jungle, "Roar-r,"
Snakes go, "Hiss - Hiss - Hiss,"
Ocean Whales make funny wails,
But Bunnies do not sound like this.
So, I guess we have established,
That Bunnies cannot talk,
Now, consider this, my friend,
 Bunnies also cannot walk.
Both Cats and Dogs can chase small balls,
And Mares and Horses trot,
Lions chase their prey all day,
But Bunnies only hop.

Dogs wag their tails, and Cats do, too,
And Lions shake their manes,
But Bunnies' cotton tails don't move,
They just remain the same.
Now, if Bunnies cannot talk or walk,
Nor even shake their tails,
How do Bunnies earn their keep,
Besides being hailed in fairy-tales?
 I thought hard about this question,
Why keep a hare around?
I wondered, and I pondered,
And this is what I found.

They snuggle and they cuddle best
Of all the living things on earth,
Their noses twitch, and we're bewitched
Which adds, of course, to each one's worth.
Their wiggling ears make children laugh,
And - oh my - can Bunnies hug!
I think when God created them,
Their first ingredient was love.
The primary reason Bunnies are here,
To which you must agree,
Is they make the world a happier place,
For kids like you and me!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2004

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