January 23, 1993 ~ October 30,2006

Well done, good girl, well done!
It is so hard to let you go,
We could not send you on your way, 
If we did not love you so.
It's time for you to run and play,
Which before you could not do,
It's time for you to catch a ball.
And fetch a stick or two.
It's time to chase the falling snow,
And bathe your face with rain,
It's time to run loose in the wind,
And be free of aches and pains.
All this, we wish for you, old girl,
Along with blessings from the Lord,
And though we loved you very much,
Our Sweet Lord will love you more.
We know He'll love and care for you,
And treat you tenderly,
There is no better place for you,
Than right there by His knee.
We could not let you go, you know,
If we were not sure all this was true,
So you wait there beside His chair,
Until we can join you.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright November 2006
For Bev and Bobby Padgett upon the 
death of their beloved dog, Shadow

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