She nodded yes and smiled,
When he asked her for a dance,
Together, then, they twirled away,
Like a story book romance.
She was winsome; he was handsome,
They were in love and young,
 "Will you?" he asked.  "Yes," she said,
Then their two lives became as one.
The world was their oyster,
And as their dreams became combined,
Both gained more inspiration then,
And both lives were more defined.
In keeping with God's plans,
Bouncing babies soon appeared,
Their children, welcomed joys,
Beloved, and blest, and dear.
Parenting, not always easy,
But with rewards beyond compare,
And every child proved to be
Fulfillment of their prayers.
But God had more in store for them,
As they progressed through time,
For He instilled within them each,
A great compassion for mankind.
Their gift of love they had to share,
By prayer, or word, or deed,
Actually, all ways were used,
There were so many needs.
Always ready - ever there,
"No" was not a word they knew,
Only "Who," and "Where," and "When,"
"How may we help?  What can we do?"
Through the years they never knew
How many hearts they touched,
Their love spread from soul to soul,
It multiplied so much.
Now, to their fifty years of marriage,
And their fifty years of love,
They've added fifty years of service
To the good Lord up above.
Their rewards on earth, not counted,
Too many to keep score,
But one day up in heaven,
They'll receive their best reward.
Not golden crowns with jewels,
Which would be considered plum,
No - they'll be blest to hear Him say,
"Well done, dear ones, well done."
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright June 2003
With this poem, I am wishing my friends, Bobbie and Carl Farrington,
I love you both.

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