Welcome home, dear soul, welcome home,
To the place God wants you to be,
Prepared for you a long time ago,
Your place for eternity.
Down through the years God watched you,
He claimed you before you were born,
You were molded, guided, and taught,
Through His love you grew and were formed.
He gave you a good life on earth,
And saw that your needs were met,
He gave you fair shares of sadness and mirth,
And gave up His Son for your debt.
God counted each hair on your precious head,
And he planned in advance all your years,
He knew each day what lay ahead,
And He was aware of your prayers and tears.
Though you've left your loved ones behind,
It's  just in a physical way,
And now you'll be closer to them,
In a more wonderful, spiritual way.
A banquet's been spread in your honor,
God is the Heavenly Host,
The guests are those gone before you,
That on earth you had  missed the most.
Welcome home, dear soul, welcome home,
Tell your family and friends not to grieve,
You're welcomed now at your Father's throne,
Totally whole and pain free.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright August 2002

For Bill - Husband, Father, Friend
Of Donna, Becky, Billy, and Lillian