A song is never wasted,
If it's sung into the air,
It can reach many people,
It can go anywhere.
If it's a song of praise and joy,
That comes from deep within,
Be it loudly sung or gently hummed,
It then becomes a hymn.

A poem is never wasted,
If it's written from the heart,
True, it may expose the poet,
And reveal his inner part.
But it can provide for others,
Thoughts or words they'd like to say,
Release something deep inside them,
And soothe them on their way.

A prayer is never wasted,
Though replies aren't quickly seen,
God answers when He's ready,
In manners that He deems.
Prayers may be prayed with others,
Or whispered all alone,
Their style doesn't matter,
Nor their volume nor their tone.

And love is never wasted,
Though it may not be returned,
Better to have loved and lost,
Than not give love a turn.
To love one another,
Is the greatest of God's laws,
And it is His plan for man,
Regardless of man's flaws.

Songs, poems, prayers, or love,
None are wasted - no, not one,
Not all are printed or recorded,
And some are left undone.
But of all these fine expressions,
By far, love is the best,
No way can it be wasted,
It is the basis for the rest.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002