From my bed where I was sleeping,
One night I heard a sound,
It awakened me completely,
I got up to look around.
I was drawn to my front door,
And thence outside to seek
From whence had come that lovely sound
That woke me from my sleep.
Once I reached my garden,
It was the most amazing thing,
I saw the flowers dancing,
And I swear I heard them sing.

I entered very quietly,
And hid behind a tree,
Where I could see the flowers,
But they could not see me.
They hummed and sung in soft, sweet tones.
And danced and waved and swayed,
I could not believe my eyes and ears
At what was then displayed,
I smiled as I watched them move,
And overheard them speak,
They teased and laughed with one another,
Their communication, sweet.

I listened very carefully,
So as not to miss a thing,
I knew this night was special,
Be it real or be a dream.
The first flower that I noticed
Was a gorgeous red, red Rose,
That sang the words, "I love you,"
As a rose is so disposed.
Then I saw small Violets,
That were almost hidden by a rock,
They twittered and they giggled,
As if too shy to talk.

"I'll never tell," said a Daffodil,
"Hey!  That's my line," a Daisy said,
Then a Black-eyed Susan winked her eye,
While an orange Zinnia bobbed her head.
A riot of rowdy Geraniums
Sang like a chorus out of control,
Oh, such fun they seemed to have,
As they shook and rock-and-rolled.
Nasturtiums blew their tiny trumpets,
Lilac bushes romped in place,
Happy Pansies beamed and gleamed,
With smiles on each face.

Then I saw a prickly Cactus,
Dancing, prancing by itself,
For no one dared to join it,
Else they'd have good cause to yelp.
I heard the whine of a twining Vine,
And the yearning of a Fern,
I wanted to cry, "Cheer up, my friends,
You're healthy, strong, and firm!"
And so the dance and songs went on
For Jonquils, Orchids, Stocks, and Phlox,
Every flower danced that hour,
Even those confined to pots.

Blossoms, bouquets, blooms, and buds,
Flowers in profusion,
Was I not blest, indeed,
To be allowed this rare intrusion?
Then the evening mist took over,
The flowers stretched and settled down,
They closed their tiny petals,
And off to dreamland they were bound.
 "Good night."  I blew them kisses ,
Then crept back to my bed,
The vision of the flowers,
Still dancing in my head.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 2004


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The midi file is "Sweet Violets,"
played so beautifully by Margi Harrell.

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