See the garden - beautiful garden,
Beside the seaside church,
A place of quiet wonder,
The heart of God at work.
See the roses - radiant roses,
Bathed in shades of nature's light,
Tones of reds and tints of pinks,
Tender yellows, virgin whites.
Other flowers - other colors,
Shown off like jewels and gems,
All displayed in full array,
Proper local denizens.
See the greenery - peaceful greenery,
Abundant, full and lush,
A carpet, soft beneath one's feet,
A cushion, velvet to the touch.
Look up!  Look up!  There's more to see,
Green leaves dancing in the trees,
Listen! Hear their music!
They are singing with the breeze.
See the birds - the lovely birds,
They've found this place to rest,
Don't disturb them; let them be,
They are building homes and nests.
Mighty seagulls off the coast,
Tiny sparrows from the East,
Thrushes, robins, birds of spring,
All fly in and come in peace.
See the garden - Virginia's garden,
Conceived and built by man,
Angel tended - God inspired,
Memorial to a gentle hand.
Off the coast of Oregon,
Oft engulfed in ocean mists,
A place of consecration,
Blest by a lady's kiss.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002

This garden is located at St. James Church in Lincoln City, Oregon and is dedicated in memoriam to my brother's wife of over fifty years, Virginia Thompson Ellis. Thank you to Evy Nickel for the scenic pictures used here... especially for the photo which caught the two angels at work in the garden.


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