The day was bright and sunny,
The sky was crystal blue,
Clear enough to see forever,
Not a cloud to mar the view.
What a day to put the top down,
That's what convertibles are for,
To feel the air blow through one's hair,
To put the pedal to the floor.
The open road was calling,
It beckoned and seduced,
Time to shed one's shackles,
And let one's spirit loose.
Down the main drag, round the curves,
Up and down the hills,
Oh, the joy ... the excitement!
The ecstasy ... the thrills!
Potholes, rough roads, ruts, and bumps,
A challenge just to miss them,
One swerves and veers, when coming near,
While trying not to hit them.
On Ramps, Off Ramps, Access Roads,
Freeways, Throughways, Turnpikes,
Overpasses, Underpasses,
Exit Left ... or ... Exit Right.
Monstrous bridges with steel girders,
Awesome engineering feats,
Tunnels carved through rock and stone,
Horns resounding off concrete.
Tiny, narrow, mountain roads,
Watch out for rocks and boulders!
Four wheel drive on off-road rides,
More daring now ... and bolder.
Va-Room!  Va-Room!  The engine zooms,
As threats are met and overcome
A perfect trip without a slip,
A journey of much fun.
But ... suddenly ... a barrier!
Impossible to move along,
A roadblock of immense proportions,
STOP!  Something very wrong!
"How many times have you been told?"
A stern voice was heard to say,
"To take your toys outside the house,
That's where little boys play!"
"The kitchen floor is not a speedway,
Nor is the couch a mountain range
The coffee table's not a bridge,
And the hallway's not an interchange."
"Beneath your bed, there is no tunnel,
And shower drains are not potholes,
Sofa pillows are not street bumps,
And who knows what are toilet bowls?"
With hands on hips, the mother spoke,
The child froze in his little car,
Then, VA-ROOM!  VA-ROOM!  The boy zoomed
Outside to ride in his backyard.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2006
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