Little face - so white and still,
Beauty set in stone.
Where did you come from, pretty one,
Lyng here alone?

The mighty ocean brought you in,
It gave you up with one loud roar.
How did it know to bring you here,
To lay you on this sandy shore?

Seaweed-tangled locks of hair,
Almost as if designed.
Who dressed those tresses for you,
And made you so divine?

Such pale lips. Were they once red?
Have they been touched and kissed?
Have they smiled? Oh, I hope so,
I pray not much that you have missed.

Closed eyelids, almost waxen,
Long, dark tendrils on your cheek.
Open! Open! Please see out!
For inside, I cannot peek.

Cold, cold hands - would I could warm them,
Hold them gently within mine.
Alabaster, bluish-white,
Delicate and Dresden fine.

Sweet maiden - lovely lady,
Why did this happen - tell us why.
Oh, so young - life not begun,
How could this be your time to die?

Someone's heart was surely broken,
When they awoke and found you gone.
I cannot think this journey planned,
Somewhere, dear daughter, you belong.

Alas, if no one claims your sweet remains,
And you're laid to rest in an unmarked place.
Be assured your Lord and Savior,
Will pronounce you Loved by Grace.

He'll send angels down to fetch you,
To bring you home, where you belong.
And He'll claim you as His own,
Sweet child, you have been found.

~ Virginia (Ginny) Ellis ~
copyright 2001

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Painting by Jim Warren