Bill became aware of music,
When he was just a little guy,
Whenever he heard music,
He would dance and come alive.

His Granddad had a music store
On the main street of downtown,
And, as a boy, Bill's greatest joy,
Was to go in there and look around.

Allowed to touch the instruments,
Grandpa showed him how each played,
From saxophones to xylophones,
And young Bill was so amazed.

Bill's instrument of choice,
With which he became engrossed,
Was a big, upright piano,
Which he really liked the most.

He told his friends about it,
And about his prowess on the keys,
It was wrong of him to brag, of course,
Since he hadn't touched a one of these.

He didn't know the black from white,
Though there must be reasons for them,
The time would come, he'd know each one,
But for now Bill could ignore them.

Well, comeuppance time was near at hand,
When Bill's friends announced one day,
They were coming to his Granddad's store,
To hear the 'maestro' play.

Panic struck the young lad's heart,
This could be his Waterloo,
'Til an understanding Grandpa
Grinned and told him what to do.

That afternoon when his friends showed up,
Bill played Chop Sticks like a pro,
Then Jazz and Ragtime both,
Poured out of that piano.

The kids oohed and aahed and were impressed,
When he next played Dixieland,
Too bad they had no 'high-five' then,
For the kids to show Bill was their man.

Yes, as you guessed, that big piano
Was the old-fashioned player kind,
Behind its sliding-door compartment,
Rolls of music were confined.

The player merely pumps the pedals,
Which turns the rolls that plays the songs,
It made Bill appear quite able,
Though his motivation wrong.

Childish dreams will sow the seeds,
Of future actualities,
And Bill's fantasies became
His later on realities.

Throughout his entire life,
Bill knew music fed the soul,
And his appetite was whetted,
By an old piano roll.

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Virginia (Ginny)Ellis


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Performed by 
Margi Harrell
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To anyone with interest, the young piano player in the photo above is my older brother, who obviously was about six years of age at the time the picture was taken. This is a photo of "Bill," as he is today. It is captioned, "Bill today, only his toys are bigger."