The Lord is good! He's BLESSING us,
He seeks us as straying lambs,
He watches us and cares for us,
As He fits us in His plans.
The Lord is good! He's LIFTING us,
From out of trouble and strife,
He forgives us and condones us,
As He grants to us new life.
The Lord is good! He's HEALING us,
Spirit, body, mind and soul,
He's giving us His healing touch,
As He makes us well and whole.
The Lord is good! He's GIFTING us,
With eternal life above,
The Lord is good! HE DIED for us,
As He gave us all His love.
Blessing, Lifting, Healing, Gifting,
For us He Died - and more,
We need to get down on our knees,
How very good, OUR LORD!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
copyright 2000

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