One cannot be too careful,
When one gives one's heart away,
My heart's been crushed and broken,
Many times in many ways.
First I gave it to a kid at school,
Who made it flutter and beat fast,
An athlete ... who was a cheat,
And had a girl in every class.
Next I chose a college man,
Same story ... only worse,
He would not go out with me,
Unless I brought my purse.

Then I fell for a nice, young man,
That I soon kicked out the door,
When I found out he lived at home,
And adored his mother more.
And then there was an oilman,
I thought, for sure, he was the one.
But with all his ex's down in Texas,
He was a real, two-timing bum.
I can't forget a sailor I met, 
Who had a gal in every port,
But he'd not give up a one for me,
So our relationship was short.

Next I  almost wed a broker,
Who was into stocks and bonds,
Thank goodness I wised up to him,
Before my capital was gone.
It's not that I am bitter,
Though I've been burned so many times,
I feel for everyone there's someone,
But I wonder, "Where is mine?"
I've searched this whole world over,
For my very own true love,
I have begged and prayed and pleaded,
With the good Lord up above.

But no matter where I looked,
Or how very hard I tried,
The good guys were already wed,
Or had already died,
One night, as I despaired my plight,
A solution came to me,
So bright and early the next day,
I went on a shopping spree.
First I bought a bright red sweater,
The warmest I could find,
And I bought a little pillow,
A soft and cushy kind.

Then I bought some colored balls,
And a bug-eyed, squeaky frog,
Next I went down to the pound,
And found a little dog.
His eyes lit up when he saw me,
He barked a bit and whined,
He wagged his tail, and I could tell,
His doggy heart was mine.
Loyal, trustworthy, faithful,
Honest and true to the core,
I gave him my heart that day,
And true love was my reward.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2007
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