A glacial lake of icy blue,
In a secluded gorge,
Protected by tall alpine peaks,
A treasure for the Lord.
A radiant sun so full and bright,
The Lord's own halo in the sky,
And white clouds like lustrous pearls,
Placed there to catch His eye.
A cascading waterfall,
With rainbow colored beads,
As baubles there to make Him smile.
A joy for the Lord to see.

Shimmering, silken, soft moonbeams,
For Him - a golden, woven rope,
Meant to hold a crescent moon,
As a medallion at His throat.
Then leafy greenery on the trees,
Become His emerald crown,
And next a perfumed shawl for Him,
 From fields of flowers on the ground.
His robe of dazzling, pristine white,
A virgin snow's reward,
Oh! The  whole world is aglow ...
With its treasures for the Lord!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright September 2004