Mama, I saw me in a puddle,
I am such a funny looking thing,
I am round and long and ugly,
And, Mama, I am green!
I know, Baby, I see you, too,
And you are beautiful to me,
You're exactly how God planned you,
Just the way you're s'posed to be.
But, Mama, folks make fun of me,
They call me a dumb, green worm,
They like to poke and tickle me,
And try to make me squirm.
Well, if you're green, you can't be seen,
So crawl beneath that leaf and hide,
God has more in store for you,
Why, someday, Baby, you will fly!
What?  Me fly?  Up in the sky?
Aw, Mom, you tease me, too,
I'm a fat, green thing - I have no wings,
There's nothing I can do.

One day, honey, you'll build a house,
You'll curl up inside and dream,
And when you awake, you'll fly away,
And you will not be green.
Your wings will be bigger than yourself,
They'll be painted many colors,
They'll be especially designed,
And they will fly and flutter.
Oh, Mama, if that's really true,
Maybe folks will like me then,
But why would God do this for me,
And make my worm-life end?
Because God loves you, Baby,
He makes the least the best,
First, as a tiny worm, you crawl,
That's when you're most distressed.
Then God touches you in wondrous ways,
And like an angel, bids you fly,
To share your beauty everywhere,
As a sign that He's on high.

Baby, you fit perfectly
Into God's scheme of things,
We all start out like tiny worms,
Before God gives us wings.

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright May 2003