TO WHIT - TO WHOO, the old owl smiled.
So wise he was - so much he knew,
He cocked his head and winked an eye,
TO WHIT, he said, TO WHOO.
The majestic bird sat as a king,
Upon his silver throne,
A snowy limb on a tall pine tree,
His palace and his home.
An owl's life is a lonely life,
What good is being wise,
If no one's there to share with you
Your who's and how's and why's?
He blinked and winked at the stars above,
And cried, TO WHIT - TO WHOO, to the moon,
Then he looked down upon the ground.
And saw a group of masked raccoons.
TO WHIT - TO WHOO, he called to them,
In fright, they hurried on,
"How unfriendly," thought the owl,
So sorry they had gone.
Then padding through the fallen snow,
A grizzly bear came by,
Maybe he would stop and chat,
TO WHIT - TO WHOO, the owl cried.
The bear looked up and saw the bird,
He started up the tree,
The owl flapped his silver wings,
TO WHIT - TO WHOO, "You don't scare me."
So, in a huff, the bear took off,
Next, a mean hyena came,
The owl shrieked, TO WHIT - TO WHOO,
The hyena laughed, as if insane.
Poor, broken-hearted, lonesome owl,
So sad - what should he do?
When suddenly from a distance,
He heard, TO WHIT - TO WHOO.
His ears perked up; he listened hard,
He heard, TO WHIT - TO WHOO again,
He called out; a reply came back,
Had the wise, old owl found a friend?
All night long, TO WHIT- TO WHOO,
Back and forth the calls were heard,
The owl thus decided then,
At dawn he'd seek the other bird.
In the morning bright and early,
He heard voices down below,
Two lads from a nearby cabin
Were there playing in the snow.
Right beneath his snowy perch,
One boy cupped his hands and cried,
"Hello, out there, hello!"
The same words came back in quick reply.
"Hello, out there, hello!" they heard,
They laughed, "Golly, what an echo!"
Then they went on their merry way,
With a sad owl left in limbo.
An echo!  Who would have thought of that?
Feeling so unwise, the owl wept,
When suddenly another owl
Flew in and pecked him on the neck!
Two owls now sit upon that tree,
They knew who they were calling to,
See how wise an owl can be.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright October 2003








The midi file playing is Beethovens Fifth Symphony
so beautifully played by Margi Harrell.