I am a tiny sparrow,
One of thousands that you see,
You most likely wouldn't bother,
With a little bird like me.
I need to tell you I am special,
Though you may not be impressed,
For all you see are plain brown wings,
And a plain brown head and breast.
It isn't what you see so much,
As what I am and where I'm from,
I guarantee you'll envy me,
By the time my story's done.
First of all, I'm International,
I'm English, French, and Japanese,
American and Canadian,
Spanish, Russian, and Chinese.
I have been around the world,
So many times I have lost count,
I only have one song to sing,
But it is recognized throughout.
I'll bet that you are wondering
How I get across the sea,
Well, my tiny, sturdy wings
Are the things that carry me.
I get to fly all over,
I am completely free,
I make my nest where I think best
On any roof or tree.
I fly up in the mountains high,
And down in the valleys low,
I fly in farms and cities,
And in places I don't know.
I peek in people's windows,
And they look back at me,
Sometimes they say, "Hello,"
And I go, "Tweedle-dee."
I like to sing to children,
They understand me best,
They're just like baby angels.
And I know that they are blest.
Birdsongs and children's giggles,
Require no translation,
In all languages they mean the same.
Regardless of one's nation.

Little folks and sparrows,
Are an awful lot alike,
It's not only that we're small,
But we're precious in God's sight.
God keeps His eye upon us,
He cares for you and me,
And we're small enough to fit,
Upon His Holy Knee.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis



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