Thank you, sweet soul, for your words of gold,
For the thoughts that came from your heart,
Thank you for both the smiles and tears,
As your messages hit their mark.
Thank you for coming into our lives,
For sharing your joys and woes,
Which helped us all to understand
Our own life's highs and lows.

Thanks for your words that soothed our hurts,
That gave us moments of peace,
Thanks for the love you placed in our hearts,
That made our loneliness cease.
Thanks for sharing your Lord with us,
And thanks for your thoughtful prayers,
Thanks for each poem you have written,
And thanks for wanting to share.

God sent you here to write your poems,
He gave you a golden pen,
He placed it firmly in your hand,
And said you must write for Him.
God planned for this before you were born,
He wanted His words here on earth,
What better vessel to carry them,
Than a soul of your ilk and worth.

You've done your job well, sweet sister
Just as the Lord had planned,
Well done, good and faithful servant.
You have obeyed His every command.
Now you'll write for the angels above,
You'll compose your most precious poems,
And they'll be sung as hymns of love
The sweetest words heaven has known.

At a desk of gold you'll write, dear soul,
Forever through eternity,
And the words of worth you left on earth
Will be your golden legacy.
God Bless You and Thank You,
Dearest Norma.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright July 2004

Norma passed away July 17, 2004. She was one
of our most beloved Christian writers on the net
and will be greatly missed.


The midi file playing is "Angels Over Me,"
and is the lovely work of Margi Harrell.

Judy Bibby, Norma's close friend, is planning to keep
Norma's Website going. Please click here for

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