Very few doctors,
Of whom I'm aware,
Know the medical values,
Of small Teddy Bears.
All over the world,
At fine medical schools,
Teddy Bear therapy
Is not thought to be cool.
They think to get well
That one must take pills,
And that pills by themselves
Will cure one's ills.
Some pills are just fine,
Some pills are quite great,
But not all doctors agree
On which pills to take.
But, listen to me,
And hear what I tell,
This is the way that
Sweet children get well.
We know any mother,
Who's at all worth her salt,
Is aware of some facts,
That doctors are not.
They know, for example,
For a tot's tummy ache,
Often one Teddy Bear
Is all that it takes.
Hug a bear to one's tummy,
And squeeze it real tight,
Poof! The tummy ache's gone,
And the tyke is all right.
If tucked in the arms
Of a child who weeps,
One small Teddy Bear
Can soothe him to sleep.
Most often by morning,
His tears are all gone,
The sunshine is shining,
And nothing is wrong.
A bear's healing power
Surpasses the pills
That most doctors prescribe
To cure one's ills.
All mothers should know
About Teddy Bear power,
Just how to apply it,
And at what precise hour.
And, let me hasten to add
There are amazing results,
When Teddy Bear power
Is used by adults.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2004