When I remember old friends,
That once to me were dear.
I get soft and sentimental,
I may even shed a tear.
You and I were best of friends,
I wonder how far back we go.
I think we met at nursery school,
But, I have lost track, you know.
You had natural curly hair,
Mine was plain and straight.
You were tall and slender,
And I was overweight.
You wore braces on your teeth,
I wore corrective glasses.
You had big, wide eyes of blue,
But I had longer lashes.
When we were very little,
We used to play with toys.
Not too many years from then,
We giggled about boys.
We shared a tent at Girl Scout camp,
Remember campfire stories?
We talked a lot and laughed and cried,
At our failures and our glories.
I think my memory's coming back,
Even now, I do recall.
My favorite toy in all the world,
Was my cherished Barbie Doll.
One fine morning when I was out,
You sneaked into my room.
You snatched my precious Barbie Doll,
Which left me in deep gloom.
You said you did not take her,
That you did not steal my doll.
But I knew you kidnapped Barbie,
Oh boy! Did you have gall!
I pleaded and I begged of you,
To bring my Barbie home.
But you said you did not have her,
To please leave you alone.
But I knew that you were lying,
That you had my Barbie Doll.
Oh, what an awful girl you were,
We almost had a brawl.
As I think back, you weren't so cute
And your curly hair looked bad.
Those ugly braces on your teeth,
Were really very sad.
I'll bet right now in your attic,
You would find my Barbie Doll.
This "old friendship" thing is crazy,
Just a bunch of protocol.
Those tender memories I've dredged up,
Have come from wishful thinking.
You really were a rotten kid,
And I say this without blinking.

So, the tears I shed for childhood days,
Aren't for the two of us at all.
They're for what I miss much more than you,
My precious Barbie Doll!


By Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2000

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