A Miracle for Her

An Easter Trilogy

A Prayer For Love

A Prayer For Relief

A Tsunami Inspired Prayer

Faith Conquers All

God Holds My Hand

God's Flowers

God's Orchestra

Gods Words


Heaven's Really Cool!

Help Me Help my Friend

Help Me To Speak

I Don't Always Say Amen

I Surrender

I Wonder

Judgment Day

Let The Quiet Do Its Part

Life's Losses

Morning Prayer

My Quiet Place


On Reading The Bible

On The Death Of A Friend

Ponder, Wonder - Wonder, Ponder

The Lord is Good

The Lord's Promise

The Lord's Requiem

The Night the Earth Stood Still

The Other Miracle

The Picture of the Cross

The Way, The Truth, The Life

The Woman and the Holy Man

Treasures for the Lord

Welcome Him, Mother

Welcome Home

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