Star light - Star bright,
First star we've seen tonight,
We wish Star Shine a comfy chair,
To stretch out her weary bones,
We wish her pains would go away,
And leave her body all alone.
We wish some slack for her aching back,
And some ease for her hurting knees,
And that the tinges in her hinges,
Would quickly be relieved.

We wish her a fifth of bubbly,
Within an easy reach,
To tickle her esophagus,
And have refills and repeats.
We wish her a CD player,
With its volume turned up high,
So she can hear some wild stuff,
And remember days gone by.

We wish her cushions for her bunions,
And the same for her derriere,
But more than that, we also wish
A masseuse to show up there.
We wish our Star Shine happiness,
We wish her aches would disappear,
She's a treasured girl to all the Pearls,
And we consider her most dear.
So we wish we may, and we wish we might
Have all these wishes for Star Shine tonight!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002

Dedicated with Love to A Precious Potlitzer Pearl,
Anita Thompson