The show took place on the old front porch,
The viewers were family and friends,
Showtime was set for late afternoon,
Before the twilight set in.
The audience sat on the lower steps,
The tiny Miss took her place, center-stage,
Then, like an angel, her voice rang out,
And a sweet song to heaven was raised.
Folks who were not perceptive,
And those who were dull, with no dreams
Saw only a kid on a porch,
For them that was all to be seen.
But those who were young or unjaded,
Perceived a beautiful face,
And heard a full-throated song,
As sounds floated upward through space.
No one noticed the creaking floorboards,
Or how much the old porch rail leaned,
Folks, in awe at what they heard and saw,
Nothing else mattered, it seemed.
As she sang aloud to the eager crowd,
Amongst them, not a whisper was heard,
Even the leaves were hushed in the breeze,
And still were small, warbling birds.
What song was this that made nature resist
Offering its own earthly sounds?
Surely God's gift to this innocent Miss,
Was holding nature itself spell-bound.
When her song was done, she smiled and waved.
As with approval, her audience cheered,
Her dog and cat at attention sat,
As each cocked a respective ear.
Lessons, perhaps, for this talented lass?
Oh no!  Let God's gift be as it may,
Defined and refined, as God designed,
No improvement could ever be made.
A future on Broadway ... or in concert halls?
Just where would this front porch lead?
Exactly what did God have in mind?
What plan was tucked up His sleeve?
He had His eye on this little Miss,
Before the first note of her song,
And when she sang that day on the porch,
She was His protégé from then on.
What heart is not touched by a melody?
And what soul's not inspired by song?
What spirit's not moved by an angel's voice?
Ah!  No manner of man is that strong!
I doubt this child will ever know
The full power her voice holds,
Perhaps that's a secret best kept by God,
As a part of His plan for lost souls.
What must one do to earn such a gift?
How does God so decide?
Oh, He knows her song is sung for Him,
And He is satisfied.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright December 2004

This poem is based on an early childhood memory of Genelle Tennant, who grew up to be one of the best loved Gospel singers in the South and on the Internet. Click on the picture of her and her little dog below to go to her Website and hear her "grown-up," beautiful music of today!