Let us ponder the habits of cats,
  That do nothing but snooze all day through,
  They wake from their sleep only to eat,
  Then return to their slumber anew.
  People cater to kitty cat whims,
  Whether they'll admit it or not,
  And a sleeping cat that's so relaxed
  Makes folks tiptoe around a lot.
  What is this power that felines hold
  That turns men of strength into pulp?
  Men stroke their fur just to hear them purr,
  Which cats do without waking up.
  No cat ever had insomnia,
  Nor a conscience ridden with guilt,
  Cats sleep the sleep of pure innocence,
  Because that is how they are built.
  What can disturb the nap of a cat?
  A can opener's hum, I would guess,
  The scent of tuna fresh from the can,
  Or perhaps a bird's song from its nest.
  But how cruel it is, and unkind
  To awaken a sound-sleeping cat,
  Who behaves her best when she's at rest,
  Which, of course, is a recognized fact.
  So sleep tight, my slumbering beauty,
  And awaken when you wish,
  Just be pleased that you can be asleep,
  And miss all this gibberish!
  Virginia (Ginny) Ellis  
  Copyright August 2009
 (For Ms. Gidget with thanks)