They're having a party in heaven,
You are the honored guest,
Ice-cream and cake, little brother,
The kinds that you like best.
The banquet hall is ready,
With streamers and favors and balloons,
And music sung by God's angels,
All of your favorite tunes.
And there at the doorway to greet you
Is Dad, with his arms open wide,
Oh, how long he's been waiting for you,
He wants you to come inside.
He'll introduce you to God,
Who has saved you a seat near Him,
They will light candles on your cake,
God is eager to see you grin.
Go with a smile, little brother,
Leave your troubles and pain behind,
Time to celebrate your new birthday,
So shine, little brother, shine!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright March 6, 2004

For David