Their farewell was long and drawn out,
Not meant to be that way,
The hardest thing she'd ever done,
Was sending him away.

She even helped him pack his things,
As she kept trying not to cry,
But what choice did she have?
She wished that she could die.
Six years was just the time they had,
Which wasn't very long,
Of all the things that she had done,
Surely all of them weren't wrong.

The rain was slow and steady,
The sky, overcast and gray,
Fine - it matched her mood - just fine,
This was not a happy day.

She recalled when she first saw him,
Indeed, it was love at first sight,
And instantly she knew it,
Even though those words are trite.
She knew, too, he'd felt the same,
There was never any doubt,
Even before he'd said so,
With his eyes, he'd let it out.

So deep their feelings, and sincere,
Whoever thought they'd separate?
But here they were, this rainy day,
Each victimized by fate.

A horn honked in the driveway,
Oh dear, his ride was here,
She watched him through the doorway,
"Goodbye, good luck, my dear!"
He hesitated ... turned around,
Then blew a kiss her way,
"See you after school, Mom,"
And then ... he bravely waved.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Revised 2004