Have you heard?  Did you get the word?
Sissy has gone home,
She was repossessed by angels,
When God called in His loan.
Well, of course, her debt was paid in full,
A long, long time ago,
And she always did belong to God
Just here on loan, you know. 
The angels came for her one morning,
They stole her peacefully away,
They hugged her and they loved her.
And she went with them that day. 
On her return to heaven,
First they measured her for wings,
Which had to fit her perfectly,
So they were custom-tailored things.
Their functionality important,
As was their appearance, too,
They had to be quite beautiful,
For heaven to approve.
Then after Sissy's wings were done,
The angels did her hair,
Which also must be perfect, too,
For her crown to fit well there.
Some crowns are very heavy,
And are weighed down by many jewels,
I s'pose Sissy's would be one of those, 
But that was up to God to choose.
And then her dress - ah, Sissy's dress,
Something tasteful, don't you know,
Something flowing, filmy, fluid,
Done in white and touched with gold.
Now she was ready for the banquet,
Much too grand to fantasize,
She would be the guest of honor,
It was her welcome up on high.
Her Heavenly Host would make a toast,
At the presentation of her crown,
And her family there in heaven
Would proudly cheer and gather 'round.
How lovely was our Sissy!
What a magnificent affair!
Those of us still here on earth
Would like to have been there.
But, with faith, one day our turn will come,
By then, Sissy will be so wise,
She'll head the welcoming committee,
That leads us through the skies.
So, Sissy dear, you watch for us,
And we'll mind our P's and Q's,
Then one day we'll meet again,
Just as we're meant to do.
See ya' Sissy!
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright February 2003

For "Sissy"




The beautiful midi file playing is entitled "Hope"
and is the copyrighted work of Margi Harrell.