Hi Dad, it's been awhile,
Since you and I have talked,
I wish I had a good excuse,
And I'm sorry - I have not.
Strange, how you've been gone so long,
So many things have changed,
Yet still within my mind,
You have remained the same.
That's the one advantage,
Of dying when one's young,
The picture that is left behind
Is not an aging one.
I was fifteen; you were fifty,
For each of us, a special age,
You thought me young; I thought you old,
We both were at a different stage.

I touched your hand.  Mom said I could,
But I pulled back in fear,
So cold - so quiet - there you lay,
In awe, I held my tears.
I didn't understand death then,
Folks came with food and flowers,
It was almost like a social thing,
Mama  - the woman of the hour.
But when the excitement had died down,
And the outsiders disappeared,
The silence was most deafening,
Disturbed only then by Mama's tears.
Our lives, of course, forever changed,
Both goals and pathways altered,
We did the very best we could,
Though we floundered lots and faltered.

Dad, you were the glue,
That held us all together,
A big job to fill your shoes,
Mom couldn't have done better.
Well, you can tell her now, yourself,
How very proud of her you are,
Of the good job with us kids she did,
Though it was difficult and hard.
We children now are older
Than you were allowed to be,
I hope we haven't failed you,
And you are pleased with what you see.
I confess that I was bitter,
And I did feel it was  unfair,
For us to be deprived of you,
As we grew up and you weren't there.

I know God had His reasons,
Perhaps ... to make us stronger,
But, you know, I'd rather weaker be,
And have had you a little longer.
At any rate, it's not long now,
Till we'll meet face to face,
And we'll make up for all that time,
We each were in a different place.
We've lots of catching-up to do,
But we'll have a lot of time,
Eternity lasts forever,
What a wonderful design.
See Ya' Dad!

Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright Father's Day June 20, 2004 ~ Revised 2008

Okay, Dad?


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The midi file is "Eagle Wings,"
played so beautifully by Margi Harrell.