Something there is about this beast,
This long-necked, spotted Giraffe,
Whose frame's too tall and head's too small,
Just destined, it seems, for laughs.
An innocent smugness, a silly grin,
A naive, but justified pride,
Few people know his real story,
Though there's nothing in it to hide.
It was part of an old Bible tale,
About a man who built an ark
Who filled it full of animals,
Before it disembarked.
The little ark sailed round and round,
For forty days and nights,
The man began to look for land,
But none came into sight. 
He didn't have a compass,
(He'd packed in such great haste,)
So he couldn't navigate too well,
In fact, he'd lost his place.
And being just a simple man,
Who had no boat know-how,
He'd put no mast upon his ship,
But wished he had one now.
No place to hold a crow's nest,
No place to climb to spy,
No place to go to look for land,
That would be high and dry.
Worry, worry on the ark,
When oft it was storm-tossed,
Water, water everywhere,
And much fear all would be lost.
Then a wise old elephant spoke up,
As he appraised the situation,
"There's a creature here" he said,
"That could help with navigation."
Pointing his trunk at the tall giraffe,
He said, "Go up on deck, my lad,"
The spindly-legged, long-necked thing,
Replied, "Who?  Me?  You're mad!"
But up he went and took a stance,
On the port side of the deck,
The man climbed up upon his back,
Then crawled up his skinny neck.
And once atop, he looked around,
He spotted land - at last!
The animals in the hold below,
Began to cheer and laugh!
The hero of the day, of course,
Was that silly looking creature.
Who would have guessed that funny beast,
Had such redeeming features?
And he did surprise his shipmates,
Who sometimes thought him daft.
Who knew one day they would be saved,
By a grinning, tall Giraffe?
Though not mentioned in the Bible,
Which left out this vital part,
I think it's safe now to reveal,
It was a Giraffe that saved the ark.
Virginia (Ginny) Ellis
Copyright 2002 ~ Revised 2003